“Lee Rogers is a director with unbounded enthusiasm, strong visual instinct and commitment to strong performance.”

Andrew Lesnie ACS, ASC

Academy Award Winning Cinematographer of Lord of the Rings Trilogy

“You know Lee will deliver a visually beautiful job, and you know he’ll listen to you when you angst over tiny details, and you know he won’t pursue high art at the expense of the client’s product. Oh, and you’ll have a great time working with him.”

Russell Smyth

Creative Director

Ogilvy - Sydney

“One of the biggest and most complicated shoots I've ever done somehow happened to be one of the easiest. Lee listened to what we wanted and set about to exceed our expectations. And he did. Effortlessly.”

Greg Logan

Executive Creative Director

Moon Group

“Lee is not only a very good director but he also takes direction well.”

Rocky Ranallo

Executive Creative Director

BWM - Sydney

“Some directors have unlimited enthusiasm, enduring patience, professional excellence and a great sense of humour. And some are so good that you can’t wait to work with them again. Lee Rogers is all of the above. No wonder he’s with Brilliant Films.”

Lizzie O'Hara-Boyce

Senior Copywriter

M&C Saatchi - Sydney

“Over the years, Lee has worked with The Palace on a number of occasions and it's always been an enjoyable collaboration thats delivered a successful outcome. ”

Paul Fishlock

Executive Creative Director

The Campaign Palace - Sydney

“One of the great things about working with Lee is his collaborative approach to the creative process. This is not only apparent in his capacity to generate and share his ideas, but also in his ability to take onboard those from the entire team.”

Jon Skinner

Creative Partner


“If you are an agency with a beautifully simple idea, Lee won't get in the way of making that a simply beautiful idea...in the form of an ad. (then you take the credit cos you think you could have directed it yourself!)”

Steve Elrick

Regional Creative Director Asia


“Lee understands a good idea, is a good story teller and is a joy to work with. How many directors can you say that about?”

Ron Mather

Creative Director

The Cavalry

“Lee is a director who can deliver fresh thinking with wit and charm. A pleasure to work with.”

Carl Van Wijk

Senior Art Director

DDB Tokyo

“I've had the pleasure of working with Lee on a number of occasions and it was exactly that, a pleasure.”

Mick Hunter

Creative Director

Brain Surgery

“There are 2 things I look for in a Director. Do they execute the idea simply and will they be easy to work with? Lee scores 10 out of 10 in both areas.”

Kevin Macmillan


The Works Sydney

“Nothing fazes this laid-back director. An incredibly tight budget, a last minute location change, torrential rain on the shoot day and a mad cockatoo. It was a recipe for success with Lee.”

Samantha Moore

Creative Director


“I have worked with Lee on a number of TV commercials as he is an incredibly creative director with brilliant ideas and a great eye - but best of all it is always fun to work with him. ”

Sarah Murdoch

TV Host/Producer

“Lee is collaborative and has added value to every script I've given him. He works well with talent and gets the right performance every time. And even better, he's a top bloke. Enjoy.”

Matt Smith

Group Creative Head

BWM Sydney

“Lee Rogers. Sounds like a cowboy. Is anything but. Professional, polished and an absolute pleasure to work with. Giddyup. Shaun Branagan - CD Ogilvy”

Shaun Branagan

Creative Director

Ogilvy Sydney